What is an addiction?

You realise that a certain stimulant or behaviour is bad for you and the people around you, but still you continue with it. You can’t give it up, even if you want to. It seems like you have no control over your behaviour any more. A little voice in your head whispers all the time “one more time”, “this is the last time”, I’ll quit tomorrow”, or “I have to have a drink now”.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease to which some people are more susceptible than others. All kinds of factors play a part in this: your genes, the way your brain works, a mental disorder, traumas and/or painful events from your past and environmental factors. Untreated, it won’t get any better, just worse.

An addiction causes shame and guilt, so if confronted you deny or minimise it, or blame something or someone else. At Affect2U there is no stigmatisation, and the focus is on personal responsibility. We help you to process any underlying traumas and painful events that fuel the addiction. A professional therapeutic team will support you. 

Would you like to stop or do something about your alcohol or drug use? Are you looking for help for a gaming, internet, work, sex or porn addiction? Then you’ve come to the right place. Your vulnerability and personal story are in safe, professional hands with us.

At Affect2U, I learnt that I am not responsible for being an addict, but I am responsible for my recovery and for what I make of it.

What kind of addiction problems does Affect2U deal with?

In addition to addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol, there are also behavioural addictions such as gaming, porn, gambling, sex, and work. On these pages, you will find more information about each type of addiction.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol usually sneaks into your life unnoticed, and you gradually need more and more to achieve the same effect. What is alcohol misuse and what are the consequences?

Gaming addiction

Video games have become an indispensable part of our lives, and for many they are a daily way of letting off steam. But when does gaming become a problem, and what can you do?


Someone who is addicted to their work is obsessed with it. They can’t stop, even when relationships break down or burnout threatens.

Drug addiction

Drug use is never without risk. The consequences vary depending on the drug, but all of them involve mental, physical and social problems.

Gambling addiction

Gambling is a socially accepted hobby that can quickly develop into an obsession, often resulting in financial problems.

Sex or porn addiction

Does your sexual behaviour have a profound impact on your entire life? Can’t stop, and you and those around you are suffering because of it?

Dual diagnosis

A dual diagnosis means that an addiction co-exists with a mental health problem such as depression, anxiety disorder, autism, and so forth.


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