How Affect2U works

The first step towards getting help is hard and is often taken during a crisis. 

That’s why you can rely on Affect2U for immediate support. There are no waiting lists. Together with you and/or your family, we will look for a possible solution during our first meeting. We’ll explain how addiction works and why it’s so hard to quit. 

Our treatments are very high quality, discreet and fully tailored to your needs. For over 20 years, our professional, licensed psychologists and therapists have been helping addicts through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), psychotherapy and various forms of trauma therapy combined with sports and mindfulness. The therapy is structured according to the 12-step Minnesota model. The staff on site in the evenings and at weekends have been through the experience themselves. They know better than anyone how difficult it is to ask for help and how recovery works. 

The power of the group is central to the treatment. People with similar experiences support and help each other, without judgement, to change old thinking and behavioural patterns. In a safe environment – where respect, empathy and trust are the most important values – you learn how to take control of your own life again.

We place great importance on the big picture and on integral treatment. For us, addiction is a symptom, a way of dealing with underlying trauma, dysfunctional relationships, difficulty regulating emotions, and so on. Working on yourself and the underlying traumas, processing emotions and repairing your relationships, increases the chances of successful treatment. So, no quick fixes, but a gratifying, productive path to real recovery and a healthy life.

Finally, we involve your family and/or partner from the very start. This is how you grow together towards a new beginning. 

We offer you and your family a homely environment and a family atmosphere. At Affect2U you can opt for an outpatient programme or admission.



Any questions?

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