I am a family member or close friend

Info for partners and family members

Everyone feels pain when they see a loved one struggling. 

It is not just the user who feels the impact of an addiction. It is extremely difficult to watch someone you love slide down into a bottomless pit and not be able to help. It is also extremely difficult for you as a family member, partner or friend to come to terms with all the grief, frustration and even anger you may be feeling.

You may be feeling lost, misunderstood and alone. And sad, angry and hopeful all at the same time. A roller-coaster of feelings goes through you as you wonder what to do. And sometimes you do things you don’t want to, but you can’t help yourself: you’re ashamed of your behaviour and you’re afraid to tell anyone. You feel like no one will understand you.

It is just as important that you get loving and professional help as it is for the addict. At Affect2U, we know how that can weigh heavy on your shoulders, and we are ready to take some of the strain off you. 

Are you looking for help for someone close to you? Do you need advice or a listening ear? You can always contact us by phone or arrange a face-to-face meeting with us, even if the addict themselves doesn’t want to be admitted or treated (yet). Together, we will go through the options and give you the support you need.

Having worked on my relationship with my parents, it’s better than ever now. We trust each other again. Thanks to Affect2U, I no longer have to lie, manipulate or cheat.

When treating an addict, we always involve their close friends and family members. We give you the necessary insights and tools to grow with the addict during the recovery process. Because you too have the right to heal and enjoy a good life.


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Help for family or friends

Affect2U treats addiction as a family disease. It isn’t only the client with the addiction who needs help but also their family and/or partner.


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