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Am I addicted? It is difficult to answer that question. And it’s certainly not pleasant, either. Where is the line between enjoyment and compulsion? A little relaxation can’t hurt, can it? And doesn’t everyone do something like that?

Maybe you think you can quit whenever you want. Perhaps you’ve tried this a few times and found each time that it didn’t work. You’ll do better next time. But still it’s nagging at you. It’s no longer possible to be honest with family and friends. You sometimes get blackouts or barely muddle through at work or school. And you no longer have control over your finances either. But still ...

this battle with yourself takes a lot of energy and undermines your self-confidence and happiness. And that’s quite normal. We all have our limits, and everyone tries to deal with this as best they can. For you, this might mean that extra glass, working non-stop or sex. Except that you have no control over it. It’s a compulsion. And you’d like to be free of it.

What helps me enormously is knowing I am part of a fellowship – a fellowship made up only of people with the same problem. I can always get support from them.

We are here to help you. At Affect2U, you are part of a close circle of people with similar experiences and professional coaches.

In a safe environment – where respect, empathy and trust are the most important values – you learn how to take control of your own life again.

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At Affect2U you can opt for an outpatient programme or admission.

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