It's for myself

I am looking for help for myself

Why can't you process certain situations or traumatic events?

Why can't you control the use of alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, porn,...? Why are you constantly reaching for sugars or medication?

We often find ourselves with many questions and also like to find the answers to them ourselves. Yet sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that it is not always possible on our own. And that's completely okay.

Asking for help is a big and difficult step for many people. Maybe it's because of stigma, maybe because of other help that hasn't helped you in the past, or some other reason.

We end up with addiction or substance abuse, depression, burnout,... because we cannot cope with certain situations from our past. To cope with this anyway, we develop such coping strategies. They are actually a well-intentioned attempt to protect us but can then bring destructive consequences, making it difficult for us all over again.

What helps me enormously is knowing I am part of a fellowship – a fellowship made up only of people with the same problem. I can always get support from them.

Each person is unique, and each has their own story. We therefore do not ask the question "What is your problem?" but "What happened to you?".

Together, we go back to the cause/explanation in order to learn to understand your history, and to change the thoughts and behaviour patterns that arose from it. This way, you can once again make room for coping strategies that are healthy for yourself, in your life. We aim for client "self-leadership": a life where you can stand on your own feet again, without dependence on care.

At Affect2U, safety and trust are key, as well as a family and a warm atmosphere. A place where you feel safe (or safer) and where you are allowed to be.

Do you still have questions or are you considering taking the first step? Our case manager is ready to listen to your story and support you during this process.

+32 (0) 480 67 40 18

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Choose the type of treatment you want

At Affect2U you can opt for an outpatient programme or admission.

Outpatient treatment

Weekly or fortnightly individual and family therapy sessions supervised by a professional team.


Admission to our cosy, homely environment, where you have the best possible care at all times.


Any questions?

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