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Sibyl Pien Managing Director Clinical psychologist

Sibyl Pien
Managing Director
Clinical psychologist

I have been working in addiction care since 1995 and, after years of working in regular healthcare in Belgium, I switched to private care and the 12-Step Minnesota Model in 2007.

For four years, I combined both my own practice and working in 12-step clinics abroad. In 2012, Affect2u was founded, where I am able to put my passion and concern for the recovery of addicts into practice.

People often ask me if I don’t find it too hard or difficult, or if I’m not fed up after all these years. And the answer to that is “No”! I just love working with addicts in recovery because, for me, addicts who want to opt to be ‘clean’ and sober are the most intelligent and creative people around.

In fact, I am grateful to be able to support a process of meeting addicts who are in hell, with families and partners who are heavily burdened by grief, anger and shame about the addiction; who can achieve a sober, rewarding and peaceful life without addiction and substance use, and restore their family ties and relationships.

It’s certainly not an easy process. I think addiction is one of the most complex and destructive diseases out there, with lots of different faces. It makes you believe there is no addiction, makes you compare yourself to ‘the drunk who’s lost everything and is living on the street’. But nothing could be further from the truth. Addiction affects everyone, including and especially the regular and more affluent sectors of society.

This passion and concern is my vision and mission, to guide an addict to ‘heaven’ every day, and away from the hell of destruction, grief and death.

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Urszula Kiwara
Urszula Kiwara Psychologist
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Marilou Verhaert Clinical Psychologist
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Ilse Damen
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Veronique Becue Psychologist
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Helena Mermans NLP coach / doctor

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Arne Nilis
Arne Nilis Teamleader Recovery Assistants
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Andrew Wens Recovery Assistant
Jan Olaerts
Jan Olaerts Recovery Assistant
Michiel Michielsen
Michiel Michielsen Recovery Assistant
Tom Vanseuningen
Tom Vanseuningen Recovery Assistant

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Julie D’Hoore
Julie D’Hoore