Affect2U’s vision

Affect2U wants to take a responsible role in the growing social problem of addiction. We help adults who want to permanently change their behaviour by effectively addressing the root causes of their addiction.

Our mission

Affect2U provides professional, high-quality treatment and care for addicts, and appropriate support for their families.

Each client has their own set of problems that triggered and/or perpetuate addiction. Affect2U starts with a clinical diagnosis and an analysis of their social environment.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team consists of some of the best clinical psychologists and therapists, who have a wealth of experience in cognitive behavioural therapy, ACT, and trauma therapy, framed by the 12-step Minnesota Model. Immediate treatment is possible. We don’t have a waiting list. 

Affect2U’s residential treatment and aftercare programmes are primarily focused on the personal, unique story of each client and their family.

Our holistic approach provides outstanding opportunities for changing social, interpersonal and family behaviour, reintegration into society and sustainable (family and relational) recovery. 

Our values

  • Empathetic, purposeful support for clients and their families.
  • Ethical, discreet and honest interactions with all stakeholders throughout the change process.
  • Professional, passionate and results-oriented team members who aspire to the highest level of expertise.
  • A team that is willing to learn, so that we can help our clients better and better. 
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Any questions?

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