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Many people are addicted. You're not the only one who struggles, struggles with themselves, and wonders if things will ever work out.

To encourage, some ex-patients tell their story here. Each and every one of them completed a valuable journey at Affect2U, which allowed them to step back into their own lives with energy and hope.

"Now, several months later, I am still doing well. No more alcohol and if feel more positive, hopeful in life, eager to do things. I can also deal better with the fairly recent loss of my partner, I can give my grief and feelings a place. When I look back on my bad period, a lot has changed. Being sober isn't just about stopping using, it's much more: I've changed as a person in many ways.” - anonymous

Douglas 35 years old, Cocaine and Ketamine addiction

I thought it would be useful to share my story, focusing on my ketamine addiction. To
make others aware of the dangers and agony of ketamine addiction.

Video Testimony Douglas, Ex-Client

Video Testimony Douglas, Ex-Client


Working on recovery is a permanent assignment

Ik ben vroeger een “normale sociale” drinker geweest zoals heel veel anderen. Geen bijzondere problemen mee gehad.

I have learned to feel my emotions and how to deal with them without using

Mijn actieve verslaving is begonnen toen ik 14 was, toen heb ik voor de eerste keer gedronken. Ik deed dit om erbij te horen omdat ik altijd dacht dat ik anders was dan de rest ...

I want nothing more than to go through life clean and sober.

A testimonial from Mattias, 28

It all started very innocently. In third grade, there was a classmate in my class who sometimes smoked a joint. He offered it to me and my best friend and we decided to do it sometime. After this one joint soon came another. In a few months, I had gone from smoking a few joints a week to using every day ...


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