Douglas 35 years old, Cocaine and Ketamine addiction

I thought it would be useful to share my story, focusing on my ketamine addiction. To
make others aware of the dangers and agony of ketamine addiction.

As with so many other substances, it all started very innocently. At a party or festival a "key" (tip) of this crystal powder. I immediately fell in love with it, the intoxication, the dissociation, the feeling of walking on clouds and the music that resonated even more intensely through my whole body. I can't describe it any better without glorifying it. The fact that it is quite cheap obviously did no favours. It wasn't long before I no longer had enough with this "dot". Tolerance to ketamine happens quite quickly, at first it's all not too bad and there are few or no side effects. I have always been a solid user and needed more than anyone else, to get the same effect. Soon I looked for an address where I could buy ketamine in large quantities, with the intention of providing myself and my friends with a sufficient supply. Of course, this also made the price go down considerably. Soon these dots became larger and one key point was no longer sufficient, I switched to a cute little spoon and finally ended up with a coffee spoon. The search for that "really good stuff" became almost a full-time job. At that time I had no idea of the effects ketamine would have on my health.

Here I found out systematically, it started with a K-cramp and having to pee often. I will never forget my first K-cramp, I couldn't relax in any possible position, crawling around on the floor, not knowing where to crawl from the pain that was situated at the level of my stomach area. So bad that I immediately began to think I had broken something very serious in my body. I can actually consider this the start of the agony, I have ended up in ER several times, each time with the same complaints. I was honest and told the doctor that I was using ketamine, from then on this was in my file. In the dozens of admissions after that the doctors knew only too well that all the complaints I had at the time could be traced back to my ketamine addiction. Of course, I never wanted to believe this and I was firmly
convinced that there was another reason for my symptoms. I continued to use constantly, it became my crutch, in good times and bad. In good times to strengthen, in bad times to deal with these moments. For years I told myself that this was the life that was destined for me. The K-cramp was one side effect, the frequent need to peeing was the second. This one ended up being the one that brought me the most misery over the years. Like my first K-cramp, I will never forget my first consultation with the urologist. She told me that the only solution was for me to urgently stop taking ketamine, otherwise the consequences would be very serious. After inspecting my ureter with a camera, which was until then one of the most unpleasant experience in my life, she could then already see consequences.

Again, I didn't believe any of it and was convinced that something else was going on. Then I started incorporating all kinds of home remedies, ways and habits that would make me experience fewer symptoms. I kept this up for years with lots of ups and downs, with one common thread running through the story: persistent and worsening symptoms. To the point where I had to run to the toilet every 5 to 10 minutes because I couldn't hold myself back any more, each time feeling like I was trying to throw out a whole packet of razor blades.
trying to work out. An almost unlivable and untenable situation that I still tried to wrestle my way through in all kinds of ways I tried to struggle through in order to keep using. I started at a "tip" at a party and am now on between 7 and 10 grams of ketamine a day. At my first
admission at Affect2U I consulted a urologist for the tenth time, she was able to tell me that I had didn't have many options left. My bladder still had a capacity of 90ml while a normal bladder would be between 600 to 700ml. It was my last chance, it was quit or eventually my bladder to be removed and, at the age of 32, I could walk around with a stoma for the rest of my days walking around. Worst of all, after my first 6 months clean, I relapsed back into ketamine and the effects were right back. A 15-day non-stop relapse brought me
back to the door of Affect2u, where they immediately wanted to help me further.

In the end, I am now 35 years and almost 2 years clean of all mind-altering substances, I had surgery on my bladder and now have more capacity again. However, I still have to go to the toilet every hour and have to get out of bed at least twice at night to pee.
out of bed at least twice to pee. A daily reminder of my years of ketamine addiction. With this story, I mainly hope to make people aware of the consequences of ketamine and other mind-altering drugs. No one makes a conscious choice to become addicted and
everyone is entitled to help. That is why I have now entered the care sector myself as a recovery assistant.

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