I have learned to feel my emotions and how to deal with them without using


My active addiction started when I was 14, when I drank for the first time. I did this to fit in because I always thought I was different from the rest.


At 15, I started using weed because I got a B certificate and had to change schools. This was one of my biggest fears because I would be all alone at a new school and I thought no one would want to be my friend because I was different again. My use then continued over the years at this new school and also gradually became more and more, so that I was always using every morning before school, every afternoon during school and after school.

Over time, I was never sober at school which made my grades suffer. When I was 17, I started experimenting with other drugs including coke and pills. Since I did go partying with friends regularly and I had a great fear of addressing girls, I used coke because it made me more social and confident. During this period, my parents caught me several times with drugs in my pocket and punished me for this, but my confidence never fully returned.

 When I was 19, my parents divorced and shortly after, I had a huge fight with my father which resulted in us not seeing or talking to each other for the next 2 years. As a result, I went to live with my mother, where my use became even more. I crossed her boundaries so much by using in my room or inviting people over when she wasn't home that she made me live alone. I had already started dealing during this period and had become a member of a gang and when I went to live alone, this went downhill fast.

Between my 20s and 21s, I smuggled drugs, sold drugs, committed insurance fraud, had several car accidents and lost many jobs. I was also living in constant fear and stress at that time and I felt worthless and helpless which also made me suffer from suicidal thoughts a lot in the last six months because I couldn't see a way out. At the last moment of my active addiction, there were 7 men living in my flat, there was a cannabis plant, large numbers of drugs and several weapons on me. Then I was arrested and placed on remand for possession and trafficking of narcotics.

In prison, I saw my father again after 2 years and it was he who suggested that I be admitted. I no longer wanted the life I had and got myself admitted to Affect2U.

During my admission, I learnt a huge amount about both my illness and myself. I learned to feel my emotions and how to deal with them without using. I had some reservations towards complete abstinence in the beginning, but after I gave myself over to it, it all became much easier. I can now be angry or shed tears of sadness, I was able to experience peace during withdrawal for the first time in years.

They also taught me to take my responsibilities and seek solutions without immediately panicking. IK have worked on the bond with my parents here which is better than ever as a result. There is trust between us again.

Thanks to Affect2U, I no longer have to lie, manipulate or cheat. I have found myself again and I keep discovering more about myself every day.

Now I am out of admission and living back on my own and the difference is like night and day. I am in debt counselling to pay off my debts, I have started studying again, I am volunteering and I am committing within fellowship.

I now have real friends I can rely on. I am responsible by taking care of myself, cooking, keeping my flat clean and playing sports. I have found new hobbies that I can spend hours on.

In short Affect2U not only saved my life, but gave it the 180° turn it needed and I came out of it wiser, stronger and clean.

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