Admission programmes 

Residential treatment in a homely environment

On our advice and/or according to your wishes, you can opt for admission to one of our cosy and homely centres. This will increase your chances of being able to stop your addiction. Admission starts with one month and can be extended after advice or at your request. We recommend a total treatment of eight weeks plus the necessary aftercare. 

Our residential programme includes several therapeutic programmes:

Harbour House

The basic programme:
28 days’ stay

The Journey Inwards

Trauma and addiction

South Africa

Admission to the partner clinic

28-day Harbour House treatment (basic programme)

In a family atmosphere, with a maximum of 14 residents. We will tell you how it works in your case and why you couldn’t stop, even with the best of intentions. You will learn how to build a sober and happy life for yourself without medication.

We believe that anyone who isn’t ‘using’ can learn to take control of their life, so we will work with you. Active recovery gives hope and a future perspective, a feeling you don’t have when you feel like a prisoner of drugs, alcohol or any other addiction.

Harbour House focusses on 

  • detox (physical withdrawal)
  • understanding what addiction is
  • how it has a grip on you and those around you
  • emotion regulation
  • healthy communication 
  • relapse prevention

Connecting with fellow addicts or people with similar experiences is an important way to stay clean. And we pay a lot of attention to this. You have to do it alone, but you can’t do it alone.

During treatment, we also give your family and/or partner plenty of attention during individual and family sessions.

After 28 days, the clinical team will advise you as to whether your treatment should continue with outpatient aftercare, secondary care or an extension of the primary care. Addiction may be the same for everyone, but each person is different. Your personal story will determine what the best option is for you.

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Trauma and addiction: The Journey Inwards

Addiction doesn’t come alone. It usually comes with a dual diagnosis or comorbidity (e.g. depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD or autism) and an underlying trauma. Devastating events such as living through your parents’ divorce as a child, growing up in a family with alcoholism, bullying, or not being acknowledged by people who were important to you while you were growing up, can be experienced as traumatic. They have an emotional, social and mental impact on people that can’t be underestimated. Using and addiction numb the pain.

When you get clean, you can start to feel all these old pains and emotions again. This poses a significant risk of relapse if you don’t know how to deal with it, or if you can’t adjust your impulses and behaviour accordingly.

Individual and group therapy gives you the right tools to get started, in beautiful wooded surroundings. You will discover your own possibilities in a safe, discreet and professional setting. We keep groups small (maximum 10 people) so that there is room for continuous care and emotional attention.

Your family and/or partner will be supported during individual, family and group sessions.

Who is The Journey Inwards for?

  • Anyone who has completed primary care and wants to work on the underlying issues and traumas in order to stay clean long-term.
  • Anyone who is already clean and wants to work on the underlying problems such as trauma, depression or burnout, knowing that these can cause a relapse.
  • It may be decided at intake that you should be directly admitted to this programme without primary care, but this is only possible based on a clinical intake with an indication.

Admission in South Africa (partner clinic)

Since 28 November 2021, there has been a ban on travel from South Africa to Belgium because of the contagious Omicron variant. However, travel from Belgium to South Africa is still possible.

Our partner clinics near Cape Town, South Africa, offer our clients the same programme as our primary care. We treat the family and/or partner of the client from here in the same way as someone who has been admitted here. For the best results, we recommend following the programme 'The Journey Inwards' upon return, although this is not a prerequisite, and we will look at what kind of aftercare is best for you after your treatment programme in South Africa.


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