Aftercare after residential admission

Why aftercare?

After a long-term residential admission, where you have had intensive therapy and lived in a safe environment, aftercare is enormously important for lasting recovery. Through aftercare, we help you to put into practice the tools and theory you have learned. We also go deeper into certain situations, how you deal with them and what happens to you. We thus guide you in the transition process from intensive admission to living in your reality, so you can get back on your feet independently 

The aftercare package can include individual sessions, family sessions and/or group sessions. It is fully customized to the client's needs and is put together with advice from the clinical team.  

On Monday evenings, we have a free online group that anyone, with addiction and/or trauma, can participate in. 

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Our outpatient (group) aftercare focuses on:


The practice and application of the learned insights and tools

This process of experiencing reality starts after admission. The world is unpredictable and in daily life we encounter stress and triggers. This is why therapeutic follow-up is important. Reflecting on daily life and gaining an understanding of what is happening, your emotions and behavior is best done with a therapist. Relapse prevention and emotion regulation, social skills and coping with stress are important focal points in the follow-up process.

Constant focus on the deeper psychological causes

As you move on with your life after admission, painful issues from the past or emotions can always surface which can still overwhelm you. Therapeutic support and therapy are a valuable addition in this process.

Strengthening and maintaining what you learned during your recovery process


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