Help for families and partners

It isn’t only the client who needs help but also their family and/or partner.

Addiction is destructive for the entire family, partners, and brothers and sisters who live in close contact with the addict. It leads to (psychological) problems, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship problems and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The impact is enormous and unfortunately often underestimated, minimised or simply not perceived and acknowledged.

The problems rarely just disappear for the partner and family when their loved one is treated. Education and therapy are needed to recover and function again. 

We recognise the need for their involvement in the recovery. As soon as admission or treatment starts, we involve the family and the partner through individual therapy, family and/or couple therapy, and lectures during family meetings.

Any partners and family members are also welcome even if the loved one doesn’t want treatment (yet).

By working on the bond with my parents, it is better than ever. There is trust between us again. Thanks to Affect2U, I no longer have to lie, manipulate or cheat.

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