Outpatient treatment for addiction

At intake, clients often opt for outpatient treatment: weekly or biweekly individual therapy sessions. The frequency of the sessions is determined in consultation with the client.

You can undergo outpatient therapy alone or with your family (relationship and family therapy). 

It is also possible that the request comes from the addict’s partner and/or family and that the addict isn’t present yet because, for example, they aren’t ready for treatment yet or aren’t motivated (are in denial). We also offer you the appropriate help. Over a series of sessions, we give you an insight into the strategies that aren’t working, why your loved one isn’t accepting help, and what you can do to change this. There is a way out of the impasse and hopelessness you find yourself in.

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Beside the individual sessions, you can also participate in group sessions.  

Family and partner meetings

Meetings for all partners and family members of addicts (your loved one doesn’t have to be in treatment).

The meetings are led by a lived-experience practitioner or psychologist, where recovery experiences are shared. You will learn how to set constructive boundaries and give your life meaning again. These sessions are educational and recovery-oriented.

(biweekly on Saturdays from 11am to 12.30pm)

Outpatient evening group

This group meets weekly and is designed for clients who are able to stay clean on an outpatient basis and are working on their recovery.

The groups are recovery-oriented and give you the tools you need to support your recovery. A condition for participation is that you actively commit to working on your recovery between group sessions, follow the tips and suggestions and complete the assignments.


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