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Private treatment center for addiction and/or trauma: Affect2U

Our 4 week residential treatment for people who want change.

Take back control of your own power and life.

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Sibyl Pien

Clinical psychologist
Owner Affect2U

What makes Affect2U so unique?


Fast intake

The first and hardest step is to ask for help. You landed on our website because you are considering taking that step. We know how difficult it is to seize this moment, which is why our case manager is ready to support you during this process. An intake interview can be scheduled immediately and, in addition, Affect2U also has no waiting list!

You’re not alone

Sometimes we get stuck and can't get it solved on our own (anymore). At Affect2U, there is a passionate team ready to listen to your story and help you move forward. You arrive in a warm family setting where together we strive for "self-leadership": a life where you can take back control of your own life and your own power.

An integrated approach

Depression, burnout, substance abuse/addiction,... is there for a reason. It is actually a well-intentioned attempt (coping strategy) to protect yourself from unprocessed pain and sadness. Together, we look at the underlying causes to learn to understand your history, the thoughts and behavioural patterns that have arisen from it and then be able to change them. In this way, you grow again into who you really are

Professional private care

Our professional and experiential team consists of (clinical) psychologists, trauma and addiction counsellors, family therapists, externally-bound psychiatrist(s), addiction doctor and experience experts who are there for you 7/7. The intensive programme is a combination of daily group sessions with weekly individual and family therapy. Here, we use a wide range of therapy forms (top-down & bottom-up therapies). Safety and trust are at the heart of Affect2U. During admission, you are assigned a personal counsellor who is best suited to you. After admission, we do not simply "let go" of clients and family/loved ones; ongoing contact and a bespoke after-care programme are an important part of our care.

Watch this video to discover the foundation of our treatment program

Treatment of addiction in all its forms

Drinking alcohol, smoking cannabis (weed) or snorting cocaine. Evenings or weekends get out of hand because of your alcohol and/or drug use. You watch more porn than you want to, and you’re embarrassed about it. Or your gambling habits are burning a bigger and bigger hole in your wallet. Can’t stop, and wondering if you have a problem or an addiction?

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol usually sneaks into your life unnoticed, and you gradually need more and more to achieve the same effect. What is alcohol misuse and what are the consequences?

Gaming addiction

Video games have become an indispensable part of our lives, and for many they are a daily way of letting off steam. But when does gaming become a problem, and what can you do?


Someone who is addicted to their work is obsessed with it. They can’t stop, even when relationships break down or burnout threatens.

Drug addiction

Drug use is never without risk. The consequences vary depending on the drug, but all of them involve mental, physical and social problems.

Gambling addiction

Gambling is a socially accepted hobby that can quickly develop into an obsession, often resulting in financial problems.

Sex or porn addiction

Does your sexual behaviour have a profound impact on your entire life? Can’t stop, and you and those around you are suffering because of it?

Dual diagnosis

A dual diagnosis means that an addiction co-exists with a mental health problem such as depression, anxiety disorder, autism, and so forth.

Who are you?

It hurts when you are dependent on substances or behaviours that you can’t stop. But it’s also difficult for a partner or family member to deal with this. You want to help, but how? Affect2U offers a listening ear and helps you to understand everything better and deal with it all.


Read inspiring testimonials and experiences of users and their families.

What helps me enormously is knowing I am part of a fellowship – a fellowship made up only of people with the same problem. I can always get support from them.

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